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Wholesale Wireless Mouse Keyboard Combo Direct From China

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Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard(support iPad iPad2)

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard(support iPad iPad2)

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  • wendy110930005
  • 2016-06-28

Super Slim, Multimedia Control Product Size:285*122*17mm Powered by: 2pcs AAA battery Certification:CE , FCC, ROHS, BQB available Product Weight:285g Warranty:13 months Multimedia Control in iPad: Virtual Keyboard Spotlight Search Picture Frame Mode Turn Off Backlight Screen Lock Music Control Volume Control Back to Home Features: 1. Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V2.0, in BROADCOM 2042 chipset 2. 78keys design, with 13 multi-function keys 3. Scissor-swicth keypad design, comfortable and ergonomic design 4. Built-in intelligent power manage software for power conservation 5. Built-in software solutions with Bluetooth Human Interface device and comply with the standard version of the Bluetooth SIG 6. Power by 2pcs AAA battery 7. Working range: 10m Specifications: - Frequency band: 2.4 - 2.4835GHz unlicensed ISM band - Receiving sensitivity: -75bm (standard) - Working Current:>4mA - Standby current:>1mA - RF output power: up to 4bm as maximum, good


Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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  • Landy12040705
  • 2012-04-07

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 Speicifications: Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 2.0 Operation distance: 10m Modulation system: GFSK Operation voltage: 3.0-5.0V Working current: <5.0mA Standby current: 2.5mA Sleeping current: <200μA Charging currrent: ≥100mA Standby time: 30 days Charging time: 3-3.5 hours Lithium battery capacity: 250mA Uninterrupted working time: 20 hours Lithium battery life: 2 years Lithium battery size: 40*20*35mm Key strength: 80±10g Key life: 5 million strokes Operating temperature: -10 to +55 Celsius degrees Material: Keyboard: Silicon Case: PU Keyboard size: 234*134*7mm Case size: 250*200*31mm weight : 350g Color: Black . Package including: 5 * Wireless Keyboard case 5 * USB cable 5 * User manual


wireless mouse and keyboard combo

wireless mouse and keyboard combo

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  • TOR13984
  • 2010-04-30

Features: 27Mhz radio frequency technology. Reliable radio optical wireless mouse included. 5 feet of cordless freedom from receiver. Auto shut-off function to maximize battery life. 255 Ids codes reduce interference among devices. 2 AA batteries for keyboard and 2 AAA for mouse included. Optional palm rest for comfortable computing.


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