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Wholesale Snowboard Bottle Opener Direct From China

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Mini-Snowboard Bottle Opener

Mini-Snowboard Bottle Opener

  • 4 / 3
  • Jennifer10120527
  • 2016-06-28

Put your business logo on a mini-snowboard. Made of durable nylon plastic with a metal insert that stands up to tough-to-open bottle caps, this item is great for giveaways! Snowboard Color: Gold, Silver, Orange, Green , Purple, Blue, Red, Black and Pewter. Packaging: Bulk packed. 45 lbs. / 1000 pcs.


Mini-Snowboard Bottle Opener Logo Keychain

Mini-Snowboard Bottle Opener Logo Keychain

  • (0 / 0)
  • Shirley607458
  • 2016-05-26

  Put your business logo on a mini-snowboard. This bottle opener and logo keychain is made of durable nylon plastic with a metal insert that stands up to tough-to-open bottle caps, this bottle opener custom keychain is great for giveaways!  


Snowboard Bottle Opener

Snowboard Bottle Opener

  • (0 / 0)
  • Shirley74554
  • 2015-11-07

OptionsSnowboarding has evolved from a past time to an Olympic event. Catch the craze while it is still growing. The Snowboard Opener is made of anodized aluminum (virtually scratch proof) and is perfect for multiple color logos. The keyring is in the front with the opener in the back. The Snowboard can be purchased with a magnet on the bottom to stick on to the refrigerator. Other uses may include:tradeshow giveaways,extreme sports,automotive industry,sponsorship events,retail shops,bars and restaurants,universities and college campus promotions,promotional sporting events,tailgating parties,tropical / beach events,great outdoor accessories,may also be used as a can opener / soda pop can opener,also used as zipper pulls Normal Production Time: 10 Working Days Product Weight: 45 lbs. per 1000 Additional Information: 5798441504Print Location: Bottom Print Area: 1.5" x 5/8"; Top Print Area: 5/8" x 5/8" 5798441504Normal Production Time: 10 days


Snowboard Bottle Opener Key Tag

Snowboard Bottle Opener Key Tag

  • (0 / 0)
  • NWM2013042977
  • 2015-02-03

Snowboard key ring bottle opener. Made of anodized aluminum (virtually scratch proof) and is perfect for multiple color logos. This unique patented item works great as part of your marketing campaign, fund raiser or as a low cost retail item. Promote your website, make a company incentive package or travel basket. 86x20x3mm Thick Imprint Method: Pad printed   Color: Blue Gold Green Silver Red     Product Dimentions: 86x20x3mm Thick   Price Include: 1 color;1 side;1 location


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