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Wholesale Promotional Soccer Ball Direct From China

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Promotional Soccer Ball Bank

Promotional Soccer Ball Bank

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  • T610874
  • 2014-11-12

They'll put their money where your logo is. This Promotional Soccer Ball Bank is a fun way to showcase your message and a sure-to-be appreciated promo.


All Flags Cheep Soccer ball for Promotional

All Flags Cheep Soccer ball for Promotional

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  • Jennifer3008
  • 2014-01-01

A Orbit Soccer Ball Is Great Promotional Item. The Advertiser Is Given Maximum Exposure. We Can Design A Ball With Your Company Name On It. Put All Your Products On Different Panels.


Logo Soccer Ball Promotional

Logo Soccer Ball Promotional

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  • Jennifer060531043
  • 2011-08-17

Product Description Size 5 Official, 8", Weight - 16 Oz., Rubber, 4 Ply Superior, 32 Hand Stitched Panels, Bladder Type - Latex , Unlimited Imprints, 4 Color, PMS Color, Visual Computer Generated Proof. Actual Proof Also available if required. Product Size: 8" in diameter Product Weight: 16oz 4 Colors allowed in 1 Logo, Additional Colors 0.50 cents each Ball Packing ?Poly bags Production Time - 15 Days


Promotional Soccer balls

Promotional Soccer balls

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  • TOR89
  • 2010-05-24

Promotional ball decorated with color flags, available with any country flags you like or with diffrent country flags2 PLY SIZE-5 AT US$ 1.50 @3 PLY JUNIOR TRAINING AT USD 1.80 @4 ply practice quality at D1.95 @ FOB


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