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Wholesale Poplin Jacket Direct From China

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Lightweight Poplin Jacket

Lightweight Poplin Jacket

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  • T705009
  • 2015-01-20

65% polyester/35% cotton, Full mesh lining, Elastic waistband and cuffs, Drawstring collar, (mfg. style #38), Catalog Page: 139 Price Note: QUR to Verify Pricing Colors Royal, Tangerine, Black


Newport Microfiber Poplin Jacket

Newport Microfiber Poplin Jacket

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  • SusanSZ152114
  • 2013-06-06

Options100% polyester silky lightweight micro-poplin body with water-repellent finish, full-zip front with outer snap storm flap, stand-up collar, front mock cape, front slash welt pockets with hidden snaps, set-in sleeves, elasticized cuffs with adjustable velcro tab, relaxed open bottom with elasticized sides and curved back drop, Zocket5798841516 inside MP3 pocket with bungee loops for earphone wires, contrast mesh lining. Imported. This Vantage jacket is great for outdoor uniforms and tradeshows. It is also excellent with any apparel order. SM-5XL*. *4XL and 5XL - Available only in (BLK) Black and (NVY) NavyNormal Production Time:3 Working DaysAdditional Information:Colors: Navy, Black, L Kakhi Pricing is for Blank items only. Sizes S-XLAlso available in Tall Sizes in Black and Navy only LGT, XLT, 2XL additional pricing, Colors For Black, Kahki, Navy


Port Authority Classic Poplin Jacket

Port Authority Classic Poplin Jacket

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  • NWM2013124266
  • 2013-01-02

Our Classic Poplin jacket is breathable and weather resistant and it allows you to wear the crisp appearance and versatility of your favorite tailored shirt on top of your outfit. 65/35 poly/cotton shell. Mesh body lining, nylon sleeve lining. Cadet collar with drawcord and toggles. Elastic waistband.  Color: Black/Black


Classic Poplin Jacket

Classic Poplin Jacket

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  • SZ5688
  • 2010-12-26

OptionsOur Classic Poplin Jacket is breathable and weather resistant and it allows you to wear the crisp appearance and versatility of your favorite tailored shirt on top of your outfit. 65/35 poly/cotton shell Mesh body lining, nylon sleeve lining Cadet collar with drawcord and toggles Elastic waistbandNormal Production Time:1 Working DayProduct Size:Adult sizes: XS-6XLProduct Weight:1.06250 lbs./pieceAdditional Information:Price applies to sizes XS-XL Color and Size Black/Black, Black/Stone, British Khaki/Black, Dark Navy/Dark Navy, Dark Navy/Red, Hunter/Dark Navy, Red/Dark Navy, Stone/Dark Navy


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