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Wholesale Leather Sofa Direct From China

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Leather sofa

Leather sofa

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  • 2011-01-05

Product Name Leather sofa-WTS056 Country of Origin China Model WTNS56 Product Description Features:1) Leather available: Italian top grain leather, top grain semi-aniline leather, full China buffalo top grain leather, split leather, vinyl leather,2) Internal environmentally friendly materials: a) Spray-bonded cotton between the leather and foam b) Triphen-free spray glue c) High density foam: i) Cushions: D35 - 45 ii) Back and armrests: D22 ? 353) Internal frame: dried solid wood4) Springs: metal coil springs and fabric rubber (rust and moisture proofing treatment)5) Fire resistant foam available (certificate of fire resistance foam can be offered)Wrap packaging: Inner layer: transparent PE bagMiddle layer: polyester and wool bagOuter layer: plastic bagFoam and cor


Home Furnishings - Upholstery

Home Furnishings - Upholstery

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  • 2010-10-26

Product Name Home Furnishings - Upholstery Brand FurnishingStyles Country of Origin India Specifications FurnishingStyles upholstery is considered to be the leading brand in the domestic market. It is widely accepted in the US, UK and Middle East for the kind of finish it gives. It is available in variety of textures and prints. It is just the Feel Good cloth that you want to lay on. Export Markets US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Middle East Pricing $6-$40 Payment Details L/C at sight Min Order 4000 Yards Ship Date within 15 days of confirmed L/C


genuine leather sofa

genuine leather sofa

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  • 2010-06-08

Product Name genuine leather sofa Brand weisiman Country of Origin china Model 3808 Product Description Our leather sofa can be made by Italian leather if you required.We had many designs ,also you can have your own design and lets copy it.We have our most efficient and experienced workers who are working in furniture factories over ten years.We will respond you in 1 work days if you have some inquires.Send me pictures of your design and also notify me the sizes and material of every parts of your sofas.tel(fax):86-757-22612196


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