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Wholesale Kitchen Bib Apron Direct From China

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Kitchen Bib Apron

Kitchen Bib Apron

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  • SZ102580
  • 2016-06-28

OptionsImprint Areas Rush Available100% Cotton apron with D-ring adjustment and two front pockets.Click here to create a Virtual Samplebonus, housewares, kitchen, cook, cooking, dining, bake, baking, grill, grilling, protector, work, tools, shop, printed, logo, imprinted, custom, customized, holder, chef, beacon promotions new ulm minnesotaNormal Production Time:5 Working DaysProduct Size:32" (w) x 28" (h) with 40 1/2" tie stringsProduct Weight:43 lbs. per 75 unitsAdditional Information:See imprint color option for set-up charge.Imprint Size: 7" w x 9" h on bib.Unless specified, your imprint will be enlarged or reduced to fit within the measurements given above.Standard Packaging: Bulk.Shipping Weight: 40 lbs. per 80.Direct Import Service Available for Large Quantity or Custom Quotes. Additional Color Imprint Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Gold, Gold Metall


Promotional Gift our Kitchen bib apron with D-ring adjustment and two front pockets

Promotional Gift our Kitchen bib apron with D-ring adjustment and two front pockets

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  • T659671
  • 2015-01-01

Keep all your grilling necessities close by with this custom kitchen helper! Constructed of sturdy 65/35 poly/cotton canvas, this apron includes a D-ring adjustment and two front pockets. It measures 32" x 28" with 40 1/2" tie strings. You'll really cook up a relationship with your customers when you use this as a promotional giveaway. Available in several colors, the apron has a 7" x 9" imprint space to feature your company logo or name. Material: Blend, Canvas Color: Red, Black, Assorted Colors, Royal Blue Normal Production Time: 5 business day(s) Size: 32 " x 28 " Price Includes:Set Up Charges:$50


Essential Kitchen Bib Apron

Essential Kitchen Bib Apron

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  • T615551
  • 2014-11-14

Back of the house aprons feature no pockets, unisex styling and nylon tubular ties. Essentials are constructed from a 6 oz., 65/35 poly cotton twill fabric to offer you a more economical apron with the same quality we are known for. 33" L x 29" W   Category: Aprons Colors: White Themes: Clothing, Cooking, Kitchen, Restaurant Imprint: Embroidery/screen printed. Decoration not included in price. Packaging: Bulk; Units/Ctn: 6 Production Time: 1 to 15 working days


White Essential Kitchen Bib Apron (33 inch x29 inch )

White Essential Kitchen Bib Apron (33"x29")

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  • NWM2013004604
  • 2013-01-02

Back of the house aprons feature no pockets, unisex styling and nylon tubular ties. Essentials are constructed from a 6 oz., 65/35 poly cotton twill fabric to offer you a more economical apron with the same quality we are known for. 33" L x 29" WImprint Method: Embroidery/Screen Printed  Color: White


Cook Bib Apron

Cook Bib Apron

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  • SZSP75669
  • 2011-01-03

Sizes: 4137920long, 3537920wide3817665/35% polyester/cotton38176Attached neck and back ties.White


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