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Wholesale Inflatable Soccer Ball Direct From China

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Inflatable soccer ball, 16 inch .

Inflatable soccer ball, 16".

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  • IAN2016041922
  • 2016-04-19

Looking to score a goal with your next ad campaign? Check out this 16" inflatable soccer ball! This oversized novelty blow-up soccer ball is fun for any occasion. Bring it to the beach or pass it around the stadium at your next soccer game. Inflatables are a great, affordably-priced promotional product for sporting events, spirit nights, tradeshows and more. Priced per piece. Sold in increments of 1 dozen.   Material: Color: Normal Production Time: 5 business day(s) Size: 16" Price Includes:1 color, 1 location pad print Set Up Charges:$55


Inflatable Soccer Ball

Inflatable Soccer Ball

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  • Amy5044
  • 2013-05-29

The Inflatable Soccer ball is exactly what you need to get your fans pumped up. Pricing includes 1 color one location screen printing.


16 inch  Inflatable Soccer Ball Cushion

16" Inflatable Soccer Ball Cushion

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  • NWM2013013776
  • 2013-01-02

16", Deflated, Soccer, Center Pad, Handle, Seat, Round, Circle. 16" LImprint Method: Screen printed  Color: White/Black  


16 inch  Inflatable Soccer Ball

16" Inflatable Soccer Ball

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  • NWM2013046715
  • 2013-01-02

Soccer Ball, Round, 6 Panel, Air Filled, Blow Up, Deflate, Inflate, Air Valve. 16" Diameter  Color: White/Black  


Inflatable Soccer Ball (16 inch )

Inflatable Soccer Ball (16")

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  • NWM2013113827
  • 2013-01-02

Round, Circle, Soccer. 16" DiameterImprint Method: Screen printed  Color: White/Black  


Inflatable Soccer Ball (36 inch )

Inflatable Soccer Ball (36")

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  • NWM2013113828
  • 2013-01-02

Round, Circle, Soccer. 36" DiameterImprint Method: Screen printed  Color: White/Black  


Inflatable Soccer Ball (6 inch )

Inflatable Soccer Ball (6")

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  • NWM2013113838
  • 2013-01-02

Round, Circle, Soccer. 6" DiameterImprint Method: Screen printed  Color: White/Black  


12 inch  Inflatable Soccer Ball

12" Inflatable Soccer Ball

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  • SZ154477
  • 2010-05-24

OptionsInflatable Soccer Ball With Black & White Panels. Inflates up to approximately 12" . Perfect for tradeshow giveaways, soccer & sports events.Also known as 621, CC621, CW621, AD621, SX621, WE621, T621, SG621Other codes SP6023S, INFO68, SBEASB, 9401, 5004, JL2313, SS-841, SOCCBLL SS-840Normal Production Time:10 Working DaysProduct Size:Inflatable 12"Product Weight:35 lbs/300 pcs.Made In:ChinaAdditional Information:5798441504Imprint Area: On Panel= Circle w/diameter of 2 1/4"5798441504Setup charge $45/V per Location / Color, Additional Location / Color run charge $0.25/Piece Per Location / Color.Paperproofs $15/Z, PMS Color Match $ 50/TSampleproofs $25/Z per color/location, + Cost of item + Shipping 5798441504F.O.B.: Factory in NJ 5798441504Packaging: Bulk5798441504Normal production time: 10 working days + transit. (may vary; will confirm at time of order) 5798441504Rush service available; additional charges will apply, subject to availability, please call to verify availability a


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