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Wholesale Clay Magnet Direct From China

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  • T683738
  • 2015-01-12

Discount Code 4C Colors Black, Navy, Red, Tan Extra Color/Position $1.25 (G) each per piece. Free Rush Service for standard imprint 1-Day or 3-Day. Same Day Service available. Quantities with no Rush Service. Check primeline.com for pricing and information. Prices subject to change. Website prices prevail. MATERIAL/FEATURES Two LG-9098 with imprint on each Note Visit primeline.com/Leeman Package 2-pc. Gift Box Personalization Up to 3 letters $6.00 (G). Price includes 1-position Deboss. Items may be shown with optional imprints. ADDITIONAL IMPRINTING INFORMATION AND PRODUCT DETAILS ON PRIMELINE.COM Rush None Set-Up Deboss: $80.00 (G) per position; Silk Screen on box: $60.00 (G); Leeman Sets: $100.00 (G) includes a 1-position Deboss on each piece. Size 7 7/8"w x 6"h x 1 1/2"d Standard Imprint 2" sq. –Deboss TWO-PIECE GIFT BOX OPTIONAL IMPRINT Silk Screen 2"w x 1"h on lower right corner of gift box – silver one-color


Barclay Magnetic Luggage Tag Set

Barclay Magnetic Luggage Tag Set

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  • T626174
  • 2014-11-22

Everyone can use top-of-the-line luggage tags! Remind your clients it's best to go traveling in style with the Barclay Magnetic Luggage Tag Set.Traveling is a great way to promote your brand. Remember, everywhere you go is an opportunity to expose your brand to the world. Your logo imprinted on a classy Leeman New York luggage tag will make a world of difference while your customers are traveling.Each set includes two voyager magnetic luggage tags. The tags were made from pebble grain leather with faux suede interior. You get the fine look without the huge price tag!Make sure your clients go home with your tag on their bag! Purchase the Barclay Magnetic Luggage Tag Set at Quality Logo Products today.


Beetles Grasshoppers Insect Handmade Clay Magnet

Beetles Grasshoppers Insect Handmade Clay Magnet

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  • karryA060311026
  • 2013-05-29

Detailed Product Description 100% hand made Material: Clay


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