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Wholesale Pen Style Lens Spray Bottle from China

Pen Style Lens Spray Bottle

Pen Style Lens Spray Bottle

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Pen Style, Lens, Round, Cap, Optimist, Lens, Circle, Anti Reflective, Coated, Tv, Computer Screen, Clip, Eyeglass, Lens Solution, Spray Bottle, Lid, Cover, Remove Dirt

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1 stars rating  Jessica   2013/6/26 12:56:55
  • Hello. I am looking to order 10,000 pen style spray bottles in 5 or 6ml size. I just want the bottles with nothing in them but I need them in a material that is environmentally safe like glass of BPA free plastic. Can you tell me if this is possible and if so how much they would cost per piece? Also how long would it take to receive the order once the details or agreed upon? Thank you