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Wholesale Spray resin soft seal gate valves from China

Spray resin soft seal gate valves

Spray resin soft seal gate valves

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Spray resin soft seal gate valves make use the compensation effect of the elastic disc's slender elastic diformation to get a good sealing effect , they have advantages of being turned on/off easily ,sealing dependable, environment protection effect evident and service life long. They are suitable for a wide range of application in on/off and control service and widely used in industries ranging from running water, sewage treatment, food processing, medicine manufacturing, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power plant, metallurgical industry and light industry. (1). It is a new design that the body surface of inside & outside is sprayed with a coating of nonpoisonous and non-tasting epoxy resin, the disc is coated of corrosion-resisting rubber, and other parts contacted with medium are all made of stainless steel and copper alloy, so doesn't pollute medium and has a good corrosion-resisting property.(2). It has a very good structure, no dirty can adhere to the surface of the valve inner, full-port design offers a smooth path, so it has a high flow capacity and low flow resistance. (medium flows like through a piece of straight pipe)(3). Three o-rings and one u-type gasket are fitted around the valve stem that supply reliable sealing, and we can replace the o-ring under the condition of pressure existing and medium flowing.(4). Operation is simple and maintenance easy. When the disc failed, the only thing you need to do is to remove the valve cap and change the disc.5. it can replace stainless steel valve used in transporting corrosive medium ,so it can be widely used in sea water, chemical industry, sewage treatment plant, thus, it can save cost considerably.

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