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Book Reading Holder

Book Reading Holder

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"I think this is a great invention. I recommend it to most of my patients. Ergonimically it does wonders. Even my 6 year old daughter enjoys it!" - Dr. Eric Vindiola Hand Relief! No more holding pages! The BookHugger's folding extendible arms, along with the custom designed spring-loaded page holders, firmly hold the pages in place while allowing for easy page turning. A great relief to the hands! Neck & Back Relief! Say goodbye to stiff, achy neck and back! The BookHugger's telescopic handle allows the reader to raise his reading material to eye level while the hands and shoulders remain relaxed.With a sleek, simple and sylish design, BookHugger's true beauty lies in it's ability to greatly enhance your reading experience! So, give your books a hug with the BookHugger. Total Comfort! Read hands-free with this invaluable feature: place your BookHugger onto the BookHugger hands-free stand for hands-free reading. Great for studying, cooking and working on the computer - the possibilities are limitless!

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