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Wholesale TravelJohn Disposable Unisex Personal Urinal bag from China

TravelJohn Disposable Unisex Personal Urinal bag

TravelJohn Disposable Unisex Personal Urinal bag

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the civilized solution the TravelJohn?disposable urinal provides you and your family with a sanitary, convenient, and comfortable way to go ?on the go Finally, the civilized, anytime, anywhere solution to PEEmergencies is here. Compact enough to fit discreetly into almost any handbag, the TravelJohn?Disposable Urinal, the essential disposable urinal kit you won37492 want to travel without.on the move : Frustration mounts while you37490e on the road, alone or with your family, and "nature37491 call" turns to "nature37491 scream". There37491 no toilet or restroom available, or if there is, it37491 either occupied or grotesquely unsanitary. Panic sets in as you, your spouse, or your children, insist they37494e got to go now! ?Don37492 wait for an emergency be prepared for one. in the home : For instance, how would you safely handle waste elimination in an emergency situation in the home ? Improper elimination and open containers of waste can cause a host of dangerous health problems that can be removed with the use of TravelJohn?products. The truth is to be totally prepared for any emergency, you should have TravelJohn?disposable waste collection products in all of your first aid kits ( in the car , home & work ).at work : It is unfortunate but true. Some professions require personnel to work in areas lacking traditional or sanitary facilities. This practice can lead to unsafe working conditions, low morale and decreased productivity. We estimate that time wasted searching for a proper facility can add up to thousands of euros per week, not to mention an unproductive, unhappy workforce. And this does not include the cost of increased health care associated with unsafe working conditions.All this can be avoided with the small, easy-to-use TravelJohn. With TravelJohn workers no longer have to settle for unsanitary portable facilities or risk legal reprimand and work hazards as a result of relieving themselves in public. Keep your workforce healthy and happy with TravelJohn

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