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Wholesale Translucent Neck Rope Stopwatch from China

Translucent Neck Rope Stopwatch

Translucent Neck Rope Stopwatch

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stopwatch features: clock, alarm, stopwatch, day of the week display and convenient neck rope Color: Translucent Black, Translucent Blue, Translucent Green, Translucent Orange, Translucent Purple and Translucent Red. Size: 7.4×5.3×2.4 There are three shortcut buttons, respectively is the function selection keys, carry keys, time selection key 2: there are 5 functions: the general time display, with a second display. Week, calendar, stopwatch, alarm will automatically update, convenient to use. Week: the screen is above, with English letter abbreviations, for easy viewing. Calendar: inside the display date, Stopwatch: when passing through a milepost, start the stopwatch, upon reaching the next milepost, stop the stopwatch, which measured via two milepost time Alarm: timing alarm and the whole point of the alarm ( crisp sound drops ); can be arbitrarily according to their mobility, 3: color generally 4-6 color, sometimes is not certain, specific to view the warehouse stock. 4: packing: 200 each 5 button batteries if found screen display fuzzy, please timely replacement of batteries, so as not to affect the normal work. Convenient to carry for running

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