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Automatic Laundry Hanger

Automatic Laundry Hanger

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Automatic Laundry Hanger Electric Clothes Airer from the energy saving, health, human design with functions of lifting,lighting, disinfection, timing drying.. I.Features of Giansun brand Electric Coat Airer 1, fashion surface, aerospace aluminum, 7.8cm slim design, streamlined shape; 2, superheterodyne radio remote control technology within 30 meters 3, 304 # stainless steel rope, durable oversized with load 120 kg, 35 kg strong weight lifting ; 4, advanced reel technology, never slot, long life lifting height of 4.2 meters, for variety home units; 5, patented smooth drive technology, mechanical stroke positioning systems, timing lifting; run smoothly, accurate limit wind balance mechanism, anti-wind swing, balance movements; 6, in rainy weather automatically start dual-core fans to dry clothes quickly, promoting air circulation, eliminate musty; ultraviolet light disinfection , effective sterilization; 7, under overload, resistance, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, etc. 4 minutes will automatically stop, avoid damage to clothes.

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