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Wholesale Large Waterproof Case from China

Large Waterproof Case

Large Waterproof Case

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Large Waterproof Case: 135x85x35mm Material:ABS Q:What can you put inside in this box? A:Cigarette,lighter,cellphone,keys,watch,lipstick,ear ring,handkerchief,napkin,and money,...things like that. ******************************** The Large Waterproof Case is TRULY completely waterproof. We don’t just claim to be completely waterproof but we demonstrate it with our vacuum seal. The vacuum seal takes all the air out of the case so there is no way that water can enter. There can be no exchange of gas (air) for liquid (water). The vacuum seal also allows full use of your touch screen because it seal flush on the face of the phone. it will still be waterproof and can be sealed, there just needs to be a little bit of air for sound waves to travel. Our product also features a lanyard which can be used to attach the product to your neck or to the console or a boat or anything else. In addition it fits many size devices. Although our product works great with the iphone and other smart phones, it will fit almost any sized phone, camera or mp3 player. One of the best waterproof cases for your iPhone 4/4s is the Amphibian from InnoPocket. Most cases will protect your travel products from dust the Large Waterproof Case also protects from sand and water. Large Waterproof Case design is the only waterproof case with inner shell that can be used as an everyday polycarbonate hard case. This molded polycarobonate inner shell is rigid and crush proof making the case durable and strong. The silicon jacket and its dump out corners will further protect your travle products from accidental drops. Large Waterproof Case is the ideal solution for all outdoor users. From golfers to yachterz, mountain bikers to kayakers, it provides a level of protection and performance previously unavailable in other cases. The Play-Thru design allows for full touch screen functions. 100% Waterproof Cases for all your electronic gadgets, your phone and camera. These Waterproof Cases have under gone rigorous testing and development to ensure your belongings stay dry. Whether for work or play the Overboard Waterproof Cases will keep the water out.

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1 stars rating  Kamal Kelkawi   2013/1/29 6:45:51
  • We need Qty 10000 with 4 color printing logo and we need this case for IPhone & Galaxy 3

  • 1 stars rating  Karla de Berlioz   2012/5/19 0:49:33
  • price and colours available.

  • 1 stars rating  Mr. low   2012/5/7 20:08:26
  • Can these water proof cases be made to accommodate a small pad lock to prevent opening by unauthorized personal?

  • 1 stars rating  Michelle Tucker   2012/4/30 9:20:30
  • Would like price to include 2 color imprint on case. Would like pricing with quantity price breaks. Need to receive a sample to make sure that my products will fit inside. Need price to include shipping to United States. Thank you.

  • 1 stars rating  J   2012/3/29 1:31:46
  • We are interesting in buying these blank so we can print on them. Can you send your pricing breakdowns and possible samples of the different large containers you offer?

  • 1 stars rating  Ahmad   2011/12/15 12:26:21
  • I am looking for price quote on QT 1000 Swim boxes BLANK. There will be no printing on it. I am looking to have a quote including shipping to the door. ZIP code 53210. What is the transit time?Thanks

  • 1 stars rating  Keren Tadlas   2011/12/20 9:51:12
  • Hi, How much is your large waterproof case? What colors are available? Thanks, Keren