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Wholesale Cool Color Change Cup (20 Oz.) from China

Cool Color Change Cup (20 Oz.)


  • Item No.:T608139
  • Update:2014-11-11
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Item Description

Step right up and see the amazing Cool Color Change Cup (20 Oz.), ladies and gentlemen! You've seen stadium cups and you've seen plenty of plastic cups, but this little beauty is something extraordinary. It changes colors when you pour liquid into it, and it's like magic is happening right before your very eyes!That's right; come right this way. What you're about to see behind this curtain may shock you! It's not every day you get to see color-shifting drinkware with a bold personalized imprint, after all. How does it work, you ask? Well, ma'am, I'm so glad you asked. When a cold drink is poured into the cup, the plastic changes from one color to another. And don't you worry, because this cup is FDA-compliant and 100% safe for food contact.Want to know more about the color changes? Let's see:Blue to violetFrost to blueFrost to orangeFrost to redFrost to violetGreen to bluePink to violetYellow to greenPretty fantastic, right? We hope you've enjoyed your tour at the mood stadium cup show! That'll be twenty bucks a person. No, just kidding! The show is free of charge. However, if you're interested in customizing your own color-changing plastic cups, then you can do so by contacting our friends at Quality Logo Products today. They'll get you the best imprint for the lowest price, and that's a guarantee!Please note: These cups are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

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