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Wholesale Ceramic Bed Knife from China

Ceramic Bed Knife

Ceramic Bed Knife

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Ceramic Bed Knife/Chip Cutter is Used for manufacturing of Polyester Nylon composite materials chip.We offer wide and finest range of advance ceramic products: knives, scissors, mills, tweezers, sharpeners, screwdrivers, metal-forming tools, Ceramic Battery-Fill Tool, rings, seals and valves, ball valves, bed knife, loom cutter, plungers...we produce also wide range of ceramic/diamond sharpeners and tools. Their advantages are ultra-sharp life-long Zirconia ceramic blade, superior hardness - as hard as diamond, stain and rust proof, no metallic taste or smell, thus maintaining the fresh taste of food or fruits. Zirconia was considered the wonder ceramic in many industries. Today we have elevated the standards of Zirconia to ultra-high hardness without the brittleness. Cerasharp custom-formulated Zirconia knives can handle all the cutting you need to do.CONTACTS: MR. TONY LIU, MANAGER TEL: 86 510 313 7896 FAX: 86 510 312 2853 M.P: 86 133 5791 8960 E-mail: info@cerasharp.com Web Site: www.cerasharp.com

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