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Wholesale Car Air Fresher/ purifier from China

Car Air Fresher/ purifier

Car Air Fresher/ purifier

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Ionizer, air purifier, and air freshener CE FCC ROHS Product model: JO-622 Electrical source: DC 12 V Consumption power: 0.8 W Concentration of ozone: 〈 0.02 PPM Concentration of negative ion: 2300000 pcs/cm3 Weight: 33 g Exterior size: ф22X88(mm) ★ The most Mini Automobile All-in-One (ionizer, air purifier, and air freshener)in the world. ★ Concentration of negative ion is 10X effective element in ionization (The simple experiment can prove). ★ Built-in fragrant uses modern technology that automatically send out delicate fragrance with high/low functions; making it the most ideal air freshener. ★ Negative ion is reputed to be an air vitamin. It can improve heart and lung function, promote metabolism and dispel fatigue, maintain mental clarity and relieve carsickness. ★ Ozone can dispels mildew smell, smoke smell, formaldehyde, benzene and Poisonous gas discharged from automobiles. ★ Simply plug into any automobile's 12 volts cigar lighter. ★ The gentle built-in light feature creates an romantic atmosphere.

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