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Wholesale Automation window screens from China

Automation window screens

Automation window screens

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Performance:  1、 Beautiful design and precise structure. The whole window screen is made by flat fiber plasticized by fiberglass and its other multiple materials are pressed by PVC plastic in one time. Separated assembly has solved imprecise sealing problem caused by big gap between traditional window screen and window frame.  2、 Convenient usage and storage. Light press can automatically roll up the window screening or move window screening with window. No need of tear-down facilitates the storage of window screen, extends its life and saves your space.  3、 Completed types and broad usage. It is used for all kinds of windows and doors like plug door, push-pull door, overhung window, wall window etc. Meanwhile, it is always equipped with two materials like aluminum alloy and PVC and many colors to comply with doors and windows.  4、 Easy making and fixing. Equipped with design method of " human as the basis", it is adopted with foreign advanced DIY (Do it yourself) design to simplify window screen's making and fixing.

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