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Promotional Items For the Workplace

Promotional desk and office items are said to be the fourth-largest product category in the promotional products industry.

Promotional items for desk and office use are in demand because they offer substantial logo exposure.

Consider the prescription and note pads that pharmaceuticals salesmen leave at doctors' offices. Some of these promotional items will find their way to receptionists' desks. Others will be used by doctors themselves. Imagine the number of people who walk in and out of clinics daily and see these promotional items.

Another reason promotional items are a big hit in offices is that many of us spend a big part of our day in the workplace. The average worker spends at least 45 hours a week in the office. At his workstation, there's a logo-imprinted notepad, a ballpoint pen, a mug, and a photo frame. Imagine the number of co-workers this person has-those he works with directly as well as those who pass by his station every day-that's multiple the number of recipients these promotional items were intended for.

No wonder promotional items have been called the "giveaways that keep on giving." In the end, they pay off by the number of people they have reached.

Getting out of the box
Notepads, ballpoint pens, Post-its, desk clocks, coffee mugs, calendars, and portfolios are among the most common promotional items we receive.

Remember one Christmas several years ago when you got three different calendars from your company's advertisers? Or how about that new year when five different people gifted you with five coffee mugs? Wasn't it funny that they had the same thing in mind?

Whether we get them from family members, friends, clients, suppliers, advertisers, and other business and personal associates, desk and office promotional items are the safest thing to give because we are able to use them in and out of the office.

Who didn't need a notepad and a ballpoint pen within reach while jotting some notes at the kitchen or over the phone while talking to the children's principal? And did you know the average American uses up 749 pounds of paper products yearly?

While they are indeed the safest presents to give at any occasion, desk and office promotional items can get repetitive and boring. So how do you make sure your gifts don't end up being recycled and given away to others?

Find fun items that entertain more than being useful. We know "useful." We live and breathe them every day, but surely it won't hurt the tiring office atmosphere if we did some brightening up with nifty promotional items.

You might also consider becoming more environment friendly by buying recycled products or choosing those that are not harmful to nature.

Making the most out of giveaways
Given what we now know about promotional items, how do we maximize their potential?

It would help to make sure the promotional items we give away bear our best representation. Use superior logo-adding techniques. (Ask your account manager for advice if you don't know.) Make sure the colors of the imprinted logo are faithful to the original.

Another consideration is the contact details. We often get too absorbed with the big things that we overlook the details. When personalizing promotional items, make sure your company information is added or else, how will people contact you? Include an active e-mail address and telephone number so you don't miss out on leads. Some people prefer to shop online, so make sure you have your Website URL imprinted on the product as well. (Don't forget to update your Website and make sure it's working!)

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