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Promotional Clothing As Promotional Gifts

Most companies have at least one or two promotional clothing items that their employees can wear. However, what about giving away these items as promotional gifts? Some companies do it, and some do not. Is it the best idea? Analyze the pros and cons to decide if promotional clothing will work as promotional gifts for you.

One of the main advantages of using promotional clothing as promotional gifts is that the item is useful. The more useful an item, the more likely your potential clients and customers will be to actually keep it around. The problem with many companies' promotional gifts is that they end up in the trashcan at the end of the day. This is lost revenue, especially because not only did the original recipient not use the promotional gift, but also no one else had the chance to see the promotional gift being used or carried either. Few people, however, will throw away a brand new promotional clothing item, simply because it is too useful. If they don't want the item themselves, they are more likely to give it away or donate it to charity. Either way, your promotional gift lives on.

However, some people find that promotional clothing as promotional gifts are not an especially good investment because they are items that people won't typically want. Clothing is undoubtedly more expensive than other such promotional items (for example, pens or magnets), but at the end of the day, it is still just a promotional item. People are likely to only where this clothing to bed or as "old" clothing for painting or other messy activities.

No matter what your stance on promotional clothing as business gifts, one thing is for sure. You have a huge variety of promotional clothing items from which you can choose! Take a look around. Something you see might be perfect for your company. Some of the many ideas include t-shirts, jackets, shorts, sweatpants, hoodies, hats, and scarves. Talk to your employees to see what they like best and what they think consumers would enjoy wearing most.

Remember, you should never give away promotional items that you don't actually like for yourself. In other words, don't order promotional t-shirts that you would never be caught dead wearing! In fact, when you give them away, you should be proudly wearing one if appropriate. This is a good rule of thumb to always use in your business, but is especially relevant with using promotional clothing as promotional gifts.

And when employees are concerned? Promotional clothing is a great idea for promotional gifts, but remember that not everyone looks good in everything. If you'll be requiring a uniform, provide a few options or very standard sizes so that everyone can feel comfortable. Sizing is very important with promotional clothing. You should order some small sizes and some XXL sizes, but remember that the vast majority of people will fall in the medium-large-XL range. Plan accordingly if you decide this kind of promotional gift is right for you.

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