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What Makes the Radio a Good Choice of Promotional Item?

When asked to name types of promotional gifts, chances are that most people will immediately think of two stand-bys-pens and mugs. These are perhaps the two most commonly-used promotional items, and it is worthwhile examining what makes pens and mugs so popular. How does the promotional radio measure up to these old stand-bys?

Price is perhaps the main factor that determines the popularity of the promotional pen, and in this regard, it is true that no other promotional item can measure up. Nothing beats the promotional pen in terms of expense. However, other types of promotional items definitely provide some advantages that make them valuable replacements for the pen.

Two other desirable aspects of the promotional item are portability and practicality. A good promotional item must be portable, so that it can be easily transported both by the giver and the recipient. A portable item is more likely to be often used, particularly if it is small enough to be carried in a pocket or a bag. The pen certainly sets the standard in this regard, and the radio definitely measures up, with many popular models being personal radios that fit comfortably in a pocket or a bag.

The second feature, practicality, simply means that a good promotional item should be something that is likely to be used often. Again, the pen is an excellent example--when you need a pen, there is little else that will perform the same function. The radio is also a good example of practicality in a promotional item, as there is simply no other promotional item that can take its place. A promotional mug or pen will not perform the same function as a radio can!

Many models of radio do in fact exceed the pen in terms of practicality--several varieties are available that can perform multiple functions. Printed radios with added functionality such as a pedometer, personal fan, stop watch, clock or photo frame mean such items are more likely to be kept and used for a long period of time than a pen is. Items with more than one function are always welcome to the recipient, as they speak much more loudly than the pen of the thoughtfulness of the gift giver. Little attention to detail is needed to buy and distribute promotional pens, but choosing a radio for your clients or staff requires more personal attention to the styles and colors that are more likely to please the recipients.

In short, promotional radios are indeed an excellent option for a promotional item. It will, of course, be distributed differently from the pen-radios are typically more expensive than the average printed pen and will not be given away as freely as pens are-but giving a well-chosen radio to a valued client or member of staff means you are giving a gift with much more longevity than a pen, and that is one very significant advantage that makes a radio a great promotional item.

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