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4 Promotional Items With Impact

Promotional merchandise can be extremely effective in creating a physical presence for a brand or corporate image. The general rule is the better placed the merchandise, the higher the impact. Good quality promotional products, particularly long lasting items, have a continuum of uses and applications that make them work well in any environment. An imaginative promotional approach sticks, and it establishes a brand like nothing else.

Types of promotional items and marketing values

Promotional items are generally valued comparatively on their "retail" value. This is actually a pretty natural response to any gift item. Something worth $10 is more valued than something worth $1. With promotional items, therefore, the perceived value of the items is highly relevant.

The novel, mid and high value promotional items, can be very good, even surprising, promotional assets. Their marketing value is considered higher than their retail value, mainly because they're very strong in their presentation. They also reflect an implied value on the recipient, another major plus in terms of values.

Promotional item ranges and impact values

Promotion items create their own marketing mix, and fit perfectly into the classic "Four Ps" of product, price, placement and promotion. Promotional merchandise works the same way as any other marketing product.

A good range of promotional items and related impact values is important. Promotional items like "A free iPod with every purchase over $500" are obvious value matches. Add the seller's logo and good presentation of the promotional product to that mix, and you have a perfect promotion at point of sale. A wide range of promotional products as incentives for sales levels is an extremely effective selling point, in any industry.

Promotional scope and depth for marketing

Promotional products provide a priceless asset to any promotion- Access to customers. The value of the free or incentive promotional items will naturally increase interest. More importantly, it increases the credibility of the offer. The sale is now a deal, where the buyer can gain.

The depth of the market and receptivity of customers is also increased. A good promotional product range will get interest from anyone. Promotion materials like IT products have real value, because they're all useful. A laptop bag, for example, is very useful, and will be valued accordingly by the recipient. The logo on the bag will be decorative, and if anything add to its value.

The promotional package- instant high impact

To create a very high perceived-value promotion, a package of items can be put together easily. Suppliers of promotional materials can provide anything you need in this regard.

For example consider this as a promotional package:

  • Laptop bag
  • VOIP phone
  • An iPod
  • Wine bottle
  • Travel took kit
  • Promotional stationery
  • Promotional key ring
  • LED digital photo frame
  • Business card holder

Combinations like these provide a lot of high impact positive reinforcement for any promotion. These promotional items will be appreciated, and your promotion will be a major success.

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