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China Canton Fair - Launch Your China Business Within 10 Days

China Canton fair is a great opportunity for small to mid-size business owners, aiming to start their import business from China. But how and where to start? Here is a checklist and some advices, things to do before arriving in China, for visiting Canton fair.

  • Identify the right phase from the organizer's fair-schedule, to be able to locate the right suppliers for your item at the fair. Canton fair has 3 phases, each phase is 5 days.
  • Book your flight ticket to Guangzhou or Hong Kong. Flights to Hong Kong are more common.
  • Book your hotel in Guangzhou, Dongguan or Shenzhen. Guangzhou is very expensive. We prefer to stay in Shenzhen.
  • Apply your visa for China.
  • Identify and locate your possible suppliers. Make a list with their booth numbers.
  • Prepare at least 200 business cards and some other PR material of your company.
  • Prepare a passport picture. You will need it for the Canton fair badge.
  • Prepare some samples, you would like to show your possible suppliers.
  • Search for a tutor. It is necessary for the communication with the Chinese suppliers. Only few can speak and understand English properly. You might test his/her english level first. Don't be to stingy, choose the best. 

If you want to start your China import business as soon as possible, i would recommend you to cooperate with an import consultant like us. They can organize your whole China business trips or your fair visits, like Canton fair. It is the most secure way to launch your China Business. For more details, you are welcome to visit our website or blog.

Remo Ardali-China Expert

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Update Time: 2014-11-14

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