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The Strategies of Bargaining in China - Tips for Successful Business

A popular saying goes around in China, "Everything in China is negotiable." Shopping, selling and buying seem like games that are played between buyers and sellers on the street stores, vendors or in the wholesale markets. However, as a rule of thumb, don't bargain at large department stores, corporate chains as the prices are fixed, and the sales persons don't have the right to modify them. In the market, everyone is out there to make money, and you have to learn the rules so as not to get something that would throw you into deep regret.

1. Opening with some basic Chinese sentences. Don't worry that it would throw you into a headache Chinese conversation. A few opening up sentences like Ni hao(Hello), Duo shao qian(How much) can put a smile on the face of the sales person and cultivate the relationship.

2. Bring a calculator with you if your Chinese is not effluent enough to carry out a conversation. Do not always think that you can communicate in English as some people's English language skill is limited. A calculator is a better choice even though in the whole process both of you do not have to utter any word. Handing the calculator back and forth, to some extent, can eliminate the hassles in communication.

3. Don't dress up in luxurious clothes or wear jewellery when you are going to buy something. Sometimes the sales person would offer prices by judging what you dress. If you are dressed in LV with glittering Swaroviski jewellery and a gorgeous Gucci handbag, walking in a pair of Christian Louboutin high heels, there is no wonder that you would get much higher price when compared with others.

4. Don't show too much of your interest even though you are really drawn to it. Try to adopt a "I can take it or leave it" attitude as some sellers would watch your facial expressions in the bargaining process.

5. Don't feel bad to tell the sellers how cheap others are offering or try to improve your leverage by pointing out the tiny defects in craftsmanship.

6. Use the walk away measure. If you have given your final offer but it is not agreed, walk away slowly and try to gaze pointedly at other items in other stores. Usually you would be called back and get a much lower price.

7. Never feel embarrassed or guilty for bargaining as it is part of Chinese culture, and the sellers also expect customers both at home and overseas to drive a hard bargain.

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