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Using Custom Sport Water Bottles and Other Giveaways to Hone Your Business Presence

One of the oldest rules of business is that you can't get something for nothing, which is only partly true. If you're trying to win new clients, you'll probably give and give some more before you finally receive. But the clients you're wooing will receive some corporate giveaways, objects that, when correctly selected, serve as both gifts and sales promoters. Promotional items range from the banal to the exotic. But regardless of which type you prefer, it's best to start by identifying items that reflect positively on your company and sync with your customers' culture. For example, it's a bad idea to give an energy efficiency company an electrical product that consumes lots of electricity for its size.

Once companies narrow their potential giveaways to items that promote the right image and work with their client base, they usually select items that are inexpensive, useful, and have staying power, of which custom sport water bottles are a classic example. For many companies, the cost of giveaways is a minor concern compared to their ability to advertise, as items that promote sales and establish business dialogues are well worth their price. But choosing an item that offers "usefulness" is key to maximizing its promotional effect. For example, giving away a custom broom and dustpan kit might sound like a good idea for a custodial supplies company. But what are the chances that a company's decisions makers would use the kit? Almost zero.

The Importance of an Item's Appeal, a la Custom Sport Water Bottles

Determining a giveaway item's staying power needn't require demographic investigation. It can be based on a common sense approach to what type of impression a company wishes to convey: industry specific or general appeal. For example, there's a big difference between dispensing custom pen drives and dispensing custom sport water bottles. The former has tech appeal to the computer literate, while the latter has a more general appeal: it can be used as a portable beverage container, which also means its likelihood of being seen for longer than a pen drive, which expends its use rather easily, almost certain. But does that increase its value as a giveaway?

The Importance of an Item's Staying Power

In terms of advertising, the importance of an item's staying power and it's persistence as a re-usable product equates to free advertising that could make an impact. The same scenario applies to custom coffee mugs that are seen day after day thanks to morning coffee routine. Giving away promotional items shouldn't break your budget, but it should focus on providing potential clients with a useful product that has a chance of working its way into their daily routines, and custom sport water bottles are one giveaway item that does.

In my research on promotional items, I've studied the effectiveness of custom water bottles and other items to promote sales.

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Update Time: 2014-11-13

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