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Why Choose an Eco Friendly Water Bottle?

Getting into the habit of using an eco friendly water bottle is an easy way to start living an environmentally friendly life. These reusable bottles are available at virtually any store you shop at, as they are the latest rage. By simply reusing the same bottle over and over again you are keeping the plastic throw away type of bottle out of your local area landfill.

One plastic throw away bottle can take up to 500 years to fully decompose in a landfill. These bottles would be completely unneeded in most our lives if we simply start drinking from ecologically responsible type bottles more often. Most people don't even understand how much of a negative impact these bottles create on the environment around them or realize how simple it is to transform this impact into a positive just by drinking from reusable bottles.

Reusable bottles can be made from a variety of different materials. Some are made of thicker type of aluminum making them very durable and long lasting. Aluminum bottles come with the added bonus of being recyclable when no longer usable. This metal variety is well-liked with gym enthusiasts and cyclists alike as it retains its cool temperature longer. Thicker plastic is another well-liked choice for bottles. These bottles are of lighter weight and are perfect for a child's lunchbox and an adult's gym or sports bag. They too can be recycled when found to be no longer usable.

Any liquid that can be placed in a cup can be placed in a bottle that is reusable. The most popular choice by far is filtered water. Filtered water is accomplished by either using a pitcher filter or by a filter placed on one's kitchen faucet.

With a pitcher filter, tap water is used to fill a pitcher that contains a filter in the top part of the container. H2O is filtered through the filter and when the liquid is in the bottom half of the pitcher it is considered clean. This clean filtered water is used to fill up the Earth friendly bottles making them the eco friendly equivalent of store bought bottles.

It is very simple and easy, once you make up your mind that is, to make the switch in your everyday life to using the eco friendly H2O bottle. These bottles are not only great for the environment, they are also great for the future of our wonderful planet.

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Update Time: 2014-11-13

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