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Benefits of a Runners Water Bottle

A runners water bottle is an important part of the gear of any athlete who participates in mid range to long range runs or jogs. No matter what your level of skill at running or jogging, it is vital that you maintain a certain level of hydration in the body. Water is a necessary compound that allows your body to function to the best of its ability. When you run or jog, you use up that supply of water in the body. It needs to be restored or you will suffer from effects of fatigue. Severe conditions, such as exhaustion and dehydration can quickly occur if you are not making efforts to protect yourself by drinking water while on the run.

When you are selecting runners water bottle for your events or pleasure runs, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Do not attempt to make one bottle fit every circumstance. You will only be displeased with the result. This is particularly true of longer runs, where you need a lot more water to stay hydrated. When you are planning your run, consider how much water you will need to take with you. You will want to plan on having enough bottles to cover your needs for the entire exercise. For long distance runners, selecting bottles that fit into waist pouches or onto backpacks can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are while you run.

In addition to your runners water bottle, you may want to consider having an energy gel bottle. These bottles are smaller than the typical water bottle and are designed to allow energy fluids, which are often thicker than water, to be easily accessed while you run. With curved necks and slim designs, these bottles are meant to fit into smaller pouches in a waist band for easy access. Because these bottles are smaller, they are unsuitable for use as a regular bottle and should be tasked with energy drinks and gels which should be drank in smaller quantities. It is important that you also remember that you should not use regular bottles for energy drinks. These drinks are supposed to be limited in how much is consumed per day so that you do not cause harm to yourself. When you are selecting your bottles, you will want to consciously decide on a smaller bottle suitable for energy drinks rather than attempt to task a standard water bottle for this purpose.

When you use runners water bottle it is important that you clean the bottle after every use. Many people make the mistake of believing that just keeping water in a bottle means they can refill it several times before having to clean it. This is not true. When you drink from a water bottle, bacteria enter the bottle. This provides an excellent breeding ground for germs which can make you sick. Clean your bottle with soap and warm water after every run. This will ensure that you are protecting your health as well as taking proper care of your runners water bottle.

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