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What Wholesale Suppliers Are Looking For - Convince Wholesale Suppliers You Can Sell Their Products

If you are going to meet with wholesale suppliers your purpose is to win their confidence. The initial meetings are similar to job interviews in that you are trying to convince him or her you are the right person for the job, you are the right person to sell their products. Do you prepare for these meetings with wholesale suppliers? If you prepare for job interviews you should also prepare for meetings such as these.

The retail industry whether online or in a physical store is in all honesty quite saturated. Many people are trying to break into the industry every day thinking that reselling is an easy way to make money. Wholesale suppliers are easy enough to find thanks to good online wholesale directory listings that have reasonable membership costs as well as free trials or money back guarantees like SaleHoo, Worldwide brands and Doba. The trick lies in convincing the wholesalers to conduct business with you. All the people and companies that wholesale suppliers deal with are seen as investments both time wise as well as the effort put in. Genuine suppliers are in this for the long haul and would want to build partnerships with people who they know will work as hard as they do in promoting their products. You then have to convince them that you are a worthy partner and will not just buy wholesale products once and never be heard from again. Suppliers would prefer retailers whom they perceive as serious about the business and in the long run will also be able to contribute to the success of their company. How then can you show this to them?

1. Impress them on the onset. First impressions are usually the only impression you will be able to give if it is not a good one. Best foot forward please, review the emails before you send them and the letters you mail. Make sure your grammar is above reproach as well as your spelling. This is one of the simplest ways to show how serious you are about the business. Be sure whatever information you send is complete. Knowledgeable people do it right the first time and that is what we are trying to project that we are knowledgeable and can follow through with the business.
2. Be ready to convince them when the time comes for a meeting or interview. Be sure you have all your plans ready on how to sell the product, market or feature it on your site, what mode of payment you will use, quantity you may order etc.
3. Be ready with a working knowledge of their company. Do not go to the meeting and start asking them simple questions that you could have found out in their website or in the wholesale directory listings. If your time is gold so is theirs.
4. Be ready to haggle. Be prepared with what your demands are as well as reason why this is so.

Being prepared and informed will convince them of your sincerity and willingness to work hard to succeed. People after all want to associate with winners as there are also benefits for them in the long run.

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