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Wholesale Business - What Are All the Significant Functions of Wholesalers?

Wholesalers are the middlemen between the manufacturers and retailers. They mediate between other wholesalers and retailers as well. They buy products from producers and sell them to retailers. In most of the cases they avoid dealing directly with end users. Their functions include negotiating prices with manufacturers, promoting the business, handling the products, processing inventory and data, pricing, budgeting and financing and assisting the clients in marketing.

Though the wholesalers can be eliminated, their functions must be taken care of by some other body like producer or the customer or another mediator. Very few manufacturers will have time to concentrate on such marketing activities and they cannot sell piece by piece according to the end user's requirement. Eventually the consumers will not require products in bulk as well. There must be someone to purchase in bulk from the manufacturers and sell them piece by piece to the end users. So the role of a wholesaler is unavoidable in wholesale businesses. Let us look in to the functions of a wholesaler in detail. The wholesale management includes planning, staffing, organizing and controlling all wholesaling operations. While negotiating with suppliers, the wholesalers serve as a purchasing agent for retailers in bartering the prices. They promote the business by providing sales force, advertisements, sales promotion and publicity. They receive, store, process the orders, package and ship the outgoing orders. They are in charge of safeguarding the merchandise, controlling the physical inventory, recording transactions, book keeping and keeping records for future perusal. They assist the customers in sales efforts by providing advices and by supplying information about market and the products. Financial and pricing activities like providing price quotations, borrowing, extending the credit, making investments and forecasting the flow of funds are all encompassed in the functions of a wholesaler.

While wholesaling the products supply chain management event takes place. The supply chain management creates coalition between the channel members so as to improve the wholesale distribution channel amid channel intermediaries and manufacturers. It brings up long term partnerships between marketing channel members in order to reduce costs and satisfy the customers. It encompasses all organizations engaged in moving the merchandise from the manufacturer to the customer.

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