Hand Fans: the Antique Item in Modern Age , 【Knowledge Guide and Tips】-

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Hand Fans: the Antique Item in Modern Age

 Why one should buy hand fans?

Needless to say, as we see an exclusive hand fan, the name of China automatically arises in mind. In fact, even in this modernized days, these traditional accessories bear a distinct appeal in the world. Hand fans are available in different colours, patterns and sizes to suit its user. You can find a number of women, regardless of the community who like to carry these stylish looking hand fans even when they ride a car. While these fans are treated as great means of remaining cool, they offer cohesiveness of modish look with antique approach. Potential buyers can find them in comprehensive models from supple single plastic frame to folding unbreakable rounded structure with sturdy elegant looking handles. These handy cooling means can be kept inside your bag or purse with ease. In promoting a brand, these hand fans can be employed as great promotional products making them customized with brand name, logo as well as slogan etc. Companies having such thoughts in mind can directly contact the wholesale houses of China to obtain amazing designs.  

When and where to use hand fans

The companies, who wish to offer these items as promotional products, can broadcast their advertising messages on both sides of these fans. Introducing them in parades, festivals or pop concerts can be quite resulting. While moving on car or travelling in bus, these durable fans can make you feel comfortable and cool in humid or hot summer environment. As these are available in wide varieties, both ladies and gents can carry them by choosing their suitable models. Many people prefer to use these fans as wedding invitation by printing details on it that makes invitees impressed. 

Things to consider before buying hand fans

While buying, ensure about the plastic or fabric quality and check the construction. Prior to buying, check the ribs and sticks that are specially designed out of ivory, bone or sandalwood. Whether you choose a paper fan, transparent handle round fan or folding one, always go for quality item and do not buy them from general stores. The best place is wholesale centres, scattered at different places of China.

Tips and Warnings

The product can be employed as a great means of advertisement, which is fairly economical but effective. As you offer them as promotional product, instead of using them, most of your clients will prefer to use them as décor item because of its antique touch. This is how; you can position your brand in front of them at all times. Those who like to use them for commercial purpose can buy them from the wholesale houses of China and get them customized according to your specification.

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