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Cowbells buying guide


Cowbell: It’s not just a cow’s bell anymore!
What are Cowbells?
Cowbells as the name suggests were used to prevent cattle from wandering off or separating from the herds. Cowbells in simple terms can be used to give identification to freely roaming herd of livestock. These bells mark their presence since the era of Neolithic humans and in recent times have evolved as high pitched percussion instruments and is even one of the most difficult rhythms to master in salsa dance. Cowbells also contribute to certain customs and traditions in some parts of the world such as China and Indonesia.
When and where to use Cowbells?
It is one among the percussion instruments along with the others such as wooden blocks, drums and so on. Its use is also witnessed in parades, such as in paradise island of Bahamias and China.  These cowbells also make great decorational items and can be used by any business as promotional product to boost its sales leads. Some people also use it as their main doorbells instead of the conventional ones and this can make it great gifts items too. Engraving messages or the brand’s name is the best way to get customized cowbells for gifting purposes.
Things to consider before buying Cowbells
These cowbells are made up of wood, copper, iron, brass and bronze and the clapper is made from wood, metal or leather. Depending on the needs and the durability one demands from these cowbells one can choose from these different materials from the wholesale market. Budget is another prime factor while selecting the cowbell. Customized cowbells are another option for firms to expand the customer base of your company or can even be used as corporate gifts.
Information to make the most out of cowbells
When buying these bells look for the dealers offering you good quality metals. One should always check for the originality of the material to boost its class. When using it as promotional products, opt for the ones made of brass or bronze to gift it an antique and classy look. Wholesale markets are the best to get pocket friendly deals and avoid extra expenditure.
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