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Polo Shirts buying guide


What you need to Know about Polo Shirts
What are Polo Shirts?
A polo shirt is basically a t-shirt with a collar and two to three buttons up in front. They may also have pockets. Polo shirts are often called tennis shirts or golf shirts. They are the preferred dress options for the semi casual and even professional dressers. While it is often linked to sports, polo shirts make great style statement for casual gatherings too. At wholesale prices these can be procured and customized to suit your preferences.
When and Where to buy polo shirts
Polo shirts are versatile options for your everyday dressing requirements. They provide a semi-formal appearance for the wearer. Unlike normal t-shirts, polo shorts can be worn just about anywhere. It can be worn for a casual night out or even for wearing to the office if there is a semi-formal dress code over the weekends. These everyday dressing enhancers can be customized at the most affordable prices. Getting them straight from China wholesalers is the best option when it comes to buying polo shirts. 
Things to consider when buying polo shirts
You need to consider certain aspects when you buy Polo shirts for your wardrobe. Your Polo shirts convey the semi casual elegance that a lot of options do not provide. You can pick a colour that goes in sync with your preference. Light and snazzy colours work well with a young audience while dark or neutral colours work well with the business class. When you are buying from a China wholesaler make sure you get whole of a genuine one.
Tips and Warnings
You cannot go overboard with the quantity just because you are buying in bulk for your promotional needs. Promotional budgets have certain limitations; however, you cannot afford to run short of shirts when at an event, at it could look bad for your business. In such cases polo shirts should be availed at wholesale prices which makes it affordable and well within your budget. You need to be careful when you select the design for your polo shirts. They can be customized to a significant degree depending on your preference. Make sure the style is contemporary, but you can think of a way to make them stand out with a short, witty one liner. You will also need to decide on the logo placement or any other extra customization options you would like to have on your polo shirts. Make sure the polo shirts are of good quality and that alone will ensure durability of the product.
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