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Lens Cloths Buying Guide




What is lens cloth?

Glasses are a component of various utility items and are not easy on the pocket. Lenses are the most important form of glasses and demand a high-end care. Whether it is your camera or your spectacles, to get a clear and bright image, it should be free from dust and foggy elements. Lens cleaning can be a daunting task, if you do not have the basic knowledge about its cleaning tools. Brushes, liquid cleaners and the cloth make a cleaning box complete. These microscopic polyesters are also used as promotional products to enhance sale leads by some optical shops. The best and cheapest manufacturer is the Republic of China.
Importance of buying lens cloth
Lens cloths are unique in their design and use the microfiber technology to clean your lenses. This technology enables them to retain the dust, oil, and grime particles present on your lens, which makes your vision blurred. Another added advantage of using these clothes is they provide you a scratch free surface to increase the longevity of your spectacles or camera, which is not the case when you use cotton, napkins or handkerchief for cleaning purposes. Opticians have the opportunity to get these cloths customized by embedding their stamp and use them as promotional products other than spectacle cases. Optometrists and even individuals can pick selected or bulk quantities from ourwholesale store.
Things to consider when buying lens cloth
A number of manufactures are ready to sell their lens cloths in wholesale deals, but it is essential to select the best when you want avoid the extra expenses on spectacles and cameras.Customized options are also available in leading stores in many countries, such as China. The lens cloth should be made of highly microscopic polyesters or polyamides that have the potential to cling the dust and oil particles to it. A scratch free platform is vital to get high quality images; therefore, one should explore all the options before finalizing the deal.
Warning and tips
It is always wise to clean the lens with recommended lens cloths in order to improve the performance of your camera and spectacles. One should never use cotton, paper, shirt, and handkerchief to wipe out the accumulated dust on lens, as it leaves scratches and lowers the vision and image quality. Therefore, lens cloths are the safest bet to raise the shelf life of your lenses and are available at reasonable prices.



Add years to the lenses of your spectacles and cameras
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