How to Ship From Shenzhen, China to the US , 【Knowledge Guide and Tips】-

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How to Ship From Shenzhen, China to the US


American companies are increasingly looking to the Far East in order to save significantly on manufacturing costs. In recent years, Shenzhen, China has rapidly grown into one of the world's top five container ports (locations where international freight is loaded on ships) There is a growing demand for Chinese imports in the United States, which has in turn simplified the shipping process. Those who have little or no knowledge regarding internationally shipping from China have a wide variety of companies available to help them carry out their business.
1 Locate a local international shipping company. Using the Internet, or a directory, make a list of shipping companies in your area. Contact companies individually and find out if they offer service from Shenzhen, China to the United States.
2 Choose a freight forwarder (shipping company) from the list. When deciding which company to use, base your decision on the history of the company, reliability, and price. A shipping company that specializes in your specific industry is recommended.
3 Advise your shipping company when you need your freight delivered by and provide the address of shipper in China as well as the destination in the U.S. Advise your shipping company if you desire to pick up merchandise from port/warehouse or if you would like freight delivered to your door.
4 Obtain all required shipping documents required by the shipping company. Documents must contain an accurate description of goods, weight and dimensions of freight, commercial invoice, and proof of origin. The shipping company will find a local agent in Shenzhen and will coordinate the movement of freight into the United States.
5 Prepay your freight forwarding company for the shipment from China to the United States. Ask your agent which tracking system they will be using for the shipment and write down the tracking number.
6 Track shipment using the number provided by your shipping company. When shipment has arrived to destination, allow a few days before freight is cleared for pick up. Customs will inspect merchandise and verify that all documents are in order.
Tips & Warnings
Choose a freight forwarder that has experience importing from China and that has knowledge of all related customs laws.
Do not lie about the description of goods or the actual value. Providing false information to U.S. Customs can lead to heavy fines and even confiscation of merchandise.

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