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EL T-shirts New for 2012 From sz-wholesale - Promotional Products

Press Release

EL T-shirt New for 2012 From sz-wholesale - Promotional Products

Shenzhen, China, 1/11/2012 2:20:24 PM sz-wholesale.com announced today the arrival one of TOP 100 Promotional Products.. It's an EL T-shirt. the promotional products distributor, has today introduced a wide range of new and exciting products for 2012, many of which are featured in their Spring 2012 catalogue. Sz-wholesale.com offers 100,000+ Promotional Products. Worldwide shipping to 170 countries.

sz-wholesale is part of Ok China Industrial Ltd. that serves more than 100,000 businesses with its innovative promotional items and corporate gifts throughout the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Its promotional product offerings include personalised gifts, promotional pens, Post-it Notes, personalised mugs, keyrings, cotton bags, mousemats, printed drawstring bags, drink bottles, printed USBs, diaries & calendars, printed T-Shirts and much more. For additional information, visit http://www.sz-wholesale.com

EL T-shirt
EL T-shirt Image

sz-wholesale's EL T-shirt Specifications:
The T-Qualizer 3D T shirt.... Going clubbing?
Want to stand out from the crowd?
Then you need a T-Qualizer ?T-shirt with unique 3D effect panel.
This will really make people notice you as you light up the dance floor.
The T-Qualizer ? Is a light-up shirt with a built in graphic equalizer panel
that is sound sensitive. As the music beats, the shirts equalizer lights up
to the beat of the music. Great for concerts, raves and parties.

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color: Black, dark blue, brown, pink

Led Shirt, E Qualizer, T-Shirt And Glow In the Dark Accessories

Electroluminescence, Light Shirt

To the EL T-Shirt Company. Manufacturer of Cool Electroluminescent and Light Products. Thank you for visiting! We are available to answer any questions on any of the unique products we carry. From T-Shirts and Caps to Floor Mats and Posters, we do it all!

WiFi T-shirts
The T-Wifi Green T-shirt features a cool green glowing signal strength indicator that flashes and pulses according to the WiFi signal strength in the environment. If you’re in a strong signal area, you’ll light up the night, and you’ll also be able to find the perfect spot to get online

Set a New Trend with an EL T-Shirt

The EL t-shirt is one of the hottest things to come out of the club and concert scene. Lights on your shirt that vibrate to the beat of the music will surely make you a crowd-drawer. The electricity used to light up phosphor comes from the batteries that are placed in the battery pack located inside the shirt. The glowing phosphor does not produce any heat so you are safe from the risk of burns since there are no hot spots or LEDs.

Washing EL t-shirts

You can wash EL ghettoblaster t-shirt the same way you wash other shirts, except that you need to keep the panel dry. Getting it wet can cause distortions in the panel and could ultimately destroy its ability to light up. Remove the battery pack before cleaning the shirt and plug it back in when you are ready to wear the shirt again. The shirt must be hand-washed and never placed inside the washing machine or the dryer.

Where to buy the EL t-shirt

The EL t-shirt is available in department stores but more options in colors and designs are found online. It is also easier to find a vendor that sells the shirts that can be customized according to the designs you want. You can have your name in glowing colors on your shirt, have your favorite corporate logo pulsating to the beat of the music, or simply opt for glow in the dark lights.

LED Shirt to buy your shirt.

Service life of the EL t-shirt

The shirt itself is very durable since it is made of cotton. The lighted panels are surprisingly long-lasting as well. This is because they draw very little power and produce very little heat. They also do not have mechanical parts or filaments so they do not burn out. Typically, the service life of the mini-lampslasts up to 30,000 hours.
Anyone from any place in the world can buy an LED t shirt online by going to LED Fashion website.

Technology behind the EL T-shirt

The technology behind the EL t-shirt uses a faint electrical charge to light up phosphor, which is a substance spread thinly between two plastic sheets. Phosphor is the substance that lights up. It is safe, non-toxic, organic, and is available in various colors.

Anyone from any place in the world can buy an LED t shirt online by going to sound activated t-shirt website.

The EL T-shirt can be found here:


Visit http://www.sz-wholesale.com for full details of EL T-shirt and other Promotional products.

Contact: Karry Wong
Tel. 0086-755-29430966
http://www. sz-wholesale.com/

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