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  • Bulk Tote Bags - To Reduce Investment in Promotional Activities

    Tote bags are not only for residential use, but they can also be used commercially for promoting a business. With custom-made tote bags, a business gets the opportunity to attract more customers by printing the company name and logo on the bag. Any business that is planning for expansion or for promotional activities can consider purchasing tote bags in bulk. These bags are a bit expensive when compared to the regular promotional bags. The reason behind this is the environmental friendly factor and also because they can be reused many times. When a new business enters the market, it needs to carry out extensive promotions. As the business will be short of funds, spending excessively for a promotional activity can be a risk factor. By opting for purchasing promotional tote bags in bulk, a business will be reducing the overall investment in the promotional activity. This can be carried out by approaching the best wholesale dealer in the market. A reputed wholesale dealer will be in a position to offer you the best price for the quantity that you are planning to purchase. You also have the option to consider custom-made designs and colors for the bags that you are planning to purchase. However, many wholesale dealers have set a minimum quantity when selling reusable bags in bulk. You need to keep this in mind before you approach a dealer in the market. Yet again, if the price offered is not very affordable, you can think about an association with another business to split the cost. This will be of great help as every individual in this situation is benefited. Apart from the price reduction, many dealers also offer seasonal discounts that further reduce the price tag of the tote bags. Promoting the product in the bag will be a good idea for the company as it easily attracts the customer. Selection should be based on the product that is being planned to promote. The design and color of a bag play a major role in creating attraction in the customer. As a business does not want to waste its advertising campaign, it is a good option to purchase tote bags in bulk. Ready-made bags are also available in the market. A business can easily go for this option, if they are not looking for any customized bags. In the end, what you choose highly depends on the type of product you want to promote and also your budget for this activity. Again, the quantity can be reduced or c    ...

  • Success vs Promotional Gifts

    Success is like having chocolates everyone wants them. But success does not come easy for any business organisation. A great deal of planning and hard work goes into making any organisation successful. Every one in the business tries its best to stay in the league. Promotional products today are being used to bring in success and new business opportunities. Promotional gifts bring in a great deal of benefits to their clients. Promotional gifts find various applications in an organisation. They can work as employee incentives as a gift of recognition to clients or as a token of thanks to your customers. Whatever the purpose may be promotional gifts offer an array of benefits to the user. They enhance goodwill, improve productivity levels, give a platform to promote the organisation, brand awareness, enhance customer loyalty, strengthen relationships with interest groups, and the list is endless. Any organisation whether small or big, irrespective of their size can avail the vast range of benefits that are offered by promotional gifts. They are beneficial to all companies whether large or small, start-up or established and are widely appreciated because they appeal to all age groups. This is because of the reason that promotional gifs come in a gigantic range that makes it possible for organisations to choose what best suits their requirements. Some of the widely popular promotional gifts include promotional pens, promotional mouse mats, promotional umbrellas, promotional calendars, promotional watches, promotional golf balls, promotional mugs, promotional folders, promotional shirts, promotional caps, and many more. By virtue of their utility promotional gifts are a huge hit, as whenever they will be used by the recipient, your customers and your clients will be reminded of you. And in a world where out of sight means out of mind reminding your customers of your products and services is very essential. Promotional gifts help you cash in on all the popularity that can open you to new business avenues. Promotional gifts are an all win-win situation for any organisation. They help you retain your existing customer base while at the same time entice your prospective interest groups. They are the perfect tool for brand building. With innumerous benefits on the same platter promotional gifts are a surefire way to success. Tina Rinaudo is one of the leading lights in the UK promotional products industry. Tina is a key mem    ...

  • Why Custom Water Bottles Are An Excellent Way To Promote Your Brand

    Customized water bottles featuring your logo or branding are an excellent idea for a promotional giveaway item that will fit in well with almost any event or situation that you can think of. These days pretty much everyone uses a reusable water bottle, not just for going to the gym but also to carry water with them on a day to day basis wherever they are going. A growing number of people take water to work, when out walking and even when running errands. When you put your brand on their water bottle you are guaranteeing some extra exposure for your company. Let's take a look at some of the main reasons why custom water bottles are a great tool in your marketing arsenal. Increasing Your Brand's Visibility As touched on above, handing out some customized H2O bottles can help to increase your visibility simply by getting your name and/or logo in front of as many people as possible. Even if we consider only the person who ends up receiving your water bottle. If they use that bottle every day - and most people will refill it once or twice a day - then they are seeing your name all day every day. That alone is going to keep you at the front of their minds without them ever realizing it! Then if you consider where they will take their water bottle then you are increasing your captive audience by hundreds of people! It is unlikely that the individual will only use the bottle at home, so think about how many people will see them using it at the gym, in the office, in the park or anywhere else they may be in need of hydration! When you consider this you will realise how important it is to choose a water bottle that looks great and really stands out! Have fun with color! Build Your Reputation as a Caring Company Branded water bottles also present you with a unique opportunity to build your reputation in your own community. If there are local sporting events or festivals where people may enjoy a cool drink then you could offer to act as a sponsor for that event and hand out your bottles filled with cool water. This is not only a great opportunity to distribute your items to a wider audience, but it also presents you as a caring business which is active in the local community. This is something that is very important to many consumers. Many people are more likely to business with you than your competitor if they remember you supporting a local event.     ...

  • Aluminum Water Bottles Are a Well Received Promotional Item

    Aluminum water bottles are an excellent alternative for those who are not comfortable with the risks that are associated with using plastic bottles. As the amount of publicity relating to the risks of Bisphenol-A and the sanitary concerns of hard to clean plastics, metal bottles are quickly growing momentum as the preferred bottle of choice. Unlike plastic bottles, bottles made of metals are easier to clean, more resistant to damage, and have a longer lifespan. In addition to this, as the base materials are typically of a higher quality, the construction is usually better, allowing the bottles to not only look good but be functional as well. However, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind if you do want to use aluminum bottles. First, aluminum water bottles should be treated with some caution in hot conditions. Unlike plastic bottles, metal bottles can get hotter or colder, which can affect the temperature of the liquids inside. Fortunately, many companies anticipate this temperature problem and insulate their aluminum bottles so that the liquid inside stays a moderate temperature. If you leave one of these bottles out in the sun, it is suggested that you take a moment to carefully touch the side of the bottle to ensure that it is not too hot to handle. If you are a participant in winter sports, it is strongly suggested that you only use aluminum bottles if they have a plastic rim or protective cap to prevent your skin from touching the metal. This can help prevent damage to your skin from the cold of the metal touching your flesh. This is only an issue in extreme temperatures. One of the benefits to using aluminum water bottles in your sports activities is the fact that they are very light weight without sacrificing any durability. This allows you to take them anywhere, be it over rock climbs or on a casual jog, without fear of the bottle breaking at an inopportune time. Because of the weight, they will not add any additional strain to what may already be strenuous exercise. This allows you to clip them on your belt or put them in your pack, as well as allow you to easily handle them during whatever activity that you may do. They are particularly suitable for cycling, as they can be roughly handled without any risk of damage to the bottle itself. Many plastic bottles do not share this advantage, as rough handling may crack or warp the plastic.     ...

  • Wholesale Lot Plastic Bags - Buy in Bulk With a Wholesale Lot and Save on Your Business Promotion

    Purchasing plastic bags wholesale and in bulk is one of the best promotional options you will find for your retail business. The positives outweigh the negatives by a long shot when it comes to bulk purchasing these plastic bags. Let's take a look at these positives and negatives. Cost savings is one positive of buying bags in bulk that you will feel good about. Buying in bulk means you can high priority when you deal with the supplier, a period of credit for the payment and demand discounts. This allows you to cut costs with out skimping on the benefits you receive. This is the primary reason why retailers purchase their promotional plastic bags in wholesale lots. The design of the bag for a bulk order is more straightforward and easier than designing for many variations. A good amount of thought usually goes into the first few variations. The later ones are then just a modification job and he resulting quality of work is compromised. Additionally, customization of the plastic bag at the wholesale stage will end up costing far less. Yet another positive. Many retailers often go for smaller purchases due to the fear of the custom message becoming obsolete. Most wholesalers are very flexible when it comes to this. Business and contact information should be quite stable first of all. You can also craft a message that fits all seasons or simply leave it pending until the last moment. This can easily be arranged when you discuss your arrangement with your supplier. Another point of caution for you is to deal with the right wholesale supplier when purchasing in bulk. Choosing an inappropriate firm may cause regret for a long time depending on the agreement you enter. Buying your promotional bags in bulk can be quite costly if you buy from the incorrect supplier. You can even be motivated to give up on the promotion if you see other bag suppliers offering a better deal. So how do you find these reliable promotional plastic bag suppliers? There just isn't a secret recipe here. Instead, put in the research time and investigate various company's websites. Ordering your promotional plastic bags in bulk via wholesale lots will turn out to be one of the best decisions you will have made. As Seen on BBC News, FORBES and CNN Money See: Wholesale Dropshipping List (Platinum Edition) and Compare Wholesale Dropshipping Directory John C. McPhers    ...

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