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  • Promotional Travel Mugs for Advertising

    Any business that wants to experience growth must invest in advertising and marketing because without the exposure, the business will remain unknown and will not be able to attract traffic to itself. This is what makes promotional products very ideal for publicity with a view to making a brand visible. Promotional mugs are great for making a business known because they are unique in the promotional products industry. Promotional travel mugs are also long lasting, practical and flashy and are great for creating an impact. Because travel mugs are not expensive, when you customize them with your company's name, logo and perhaps a special message, you make them a giveaway gift that is wonderful and has great value. Travel mugs are also acceptable because of their inclusive appeal making them a gift that can be given to anyone. They will last for long and will be used over and over again. A promotional product that is functional will generally have a higher rate of success as compared to one that does not have much use. Travel mugs can be used anywhere and one can carry them when traveling making them very practical. They can be used in the office and at home and this makes them very appealing as a giveaway gifts. Promotional mugs can be used to take any drink or liquid for example coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks or even water. Promotional mugs are thus very convenient especially because they are easy to wash and quite portable. Because they have a smaller base, they can be used in vehicles because they will easily fit on the cup holders and don't easily fall. Because a promotional travel mug is an excellent gift, it is a promotional item that provides the company that uses them a wonderful platform to increase the company's brand awareness and to improve its image. With the publicity that comes from an increase in brand awareness, a company is able to use the mugs to convert this into customers and this in turn leads to more revenue and hence profits for the company. Another advantage with mugs is that they have a wide printing area that can be used to display your company logo and the name of the company or any other thing that you might want displayed. They are also available in different colors and many different types or styles and they are a company can choose a color or style that is to their liking or is suitable and themed to their des    ...

  • Be a "Walking Business Ambassador" With Promotional Clothing

    Promotional Clothing creates a good company image, brings in pride to the company, increases brand awareness and is capable of reaping successful results by generating revenue. Given below are some ideas for this promotional product: Caps Camp Shirts T-Shirts Sweaters Sweat Shirts Mock and Turtlenecks Hooded Sweatshirts Sport & Golf Polo Shirts Branded apparel is much more affordable than you would assume - it has a minimum order requirement and it can even be the ideal promotional product even for the smallest home-based business. In order to keep costs low, make sure you buy your Promotional Clothing as directly as possible. They can be the companies that deal with promotional merchandise products. These companies purchase directly from the manufacturer and do the printing as well and supply you with the finished product. This will help you to obtain your branded apparel cost-effectively, has it has reduced a number of other dealers who usually get involved. In case your current supplier gets the clothing from a wholesaler and then pays a printer separately, the chances are that you will have to face a large bill for the final product. Therefore, it is best that you try and get closer to the manufacturer as much as possible. Promotional Clothing is used for a number of reasons: Business Gifts Employee Incentives Generate Income Business Gifts: These are mainly given out to potential customers with the sole intention for promoting brand awareness. These gifts are mainly targeted for influential persons and decision makers, with the final objective being to increase revenue. Employee Incentives: These are given out as a sign of goodwill. It creates a very good company image to show your appreciation to your employees for all the hard work they contribute in making your business a success. However, whenever this clothing is worn they too will be a part of promoting brand awareness. Generate Income: There are also many companies, schools and organizations that generate an income from Promotional Clothing. There are a great number of sports teams, colleges, gyms, country clubs and similar institutions that sell t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and caps with their name and logo imprinte    ...

  • Promotional Tactics For Selling Wholesale Sunglasses Items

    Sunglasses dealers usually do not have to put in extra efforts to sell sunglass accessories or sunglass items, because the buyers of numerous sunglasses love to purchase other sunglass items at the time of their initial purchase. However, in certain tough times, shops and retail owners have to think about various promotional tactics to sell wholesale sunglasses items. Moreover if special sunglass items are introduced it becomes necessary to introduce these items to the customers so that they benefit in the long run. Some such promotional tactics are mentioned below. You must have come across or heard about bundle sales by now. These are one of the major selling tactics which is adopted by businessmen and is a way of pushing sales up. This is one of the ways in which a customer is offered one product free on the purchase of a specific number of products. Have you heard about ' buy 2 sunglasses and get one designer sunglass case free'? These are called promotional tactics in the nature of bundle sales. If cost is calculated it will be found that the company is being able to sell three products at one go - thus, it is very beneficial for the company also. It is able to increase the volume of sales. This is one way by which wholesale sunglasses items can be sold off easily. Sometimes, companies make a new policy of selling wholesale sunglasses items. They raise the price of sunglasses slightly and include any such wholesale item in such a package as FREE and try to sell it to the customers as free goods. In an excitement to get completely free good, the customer overlooks the slight rise in price of the original good and even if it finds that there is a rise in the price of sunglass, they wouldn't mind paying a little more for the sunglasses items. There are many special promotional packages which are developed just to sell off the wholesale sunglass items. These include special awareness drive which helps the customers to understand the need of specific products for better use of sunglasses. Sometimes there are special drives and awareness programs which are specially developed to teach the consumers on how to clean sunglasses. In such a drive, it is specially emphasized the need of cleaning sunglass lenses with the help of a liquid. This liquid is known as sunglass lens cleaner and is just perfect for cleaning sunglasses. This is an indire    ...

  • Starting a Business in Shenzhen, China - 5 Reasons to Do So

    Shenzhen, China is the centre of the country's economic miracle. In just over 30 years Shenzhen has been transformed from a tiny little fishing village to the most prosperous "Special Economic Zone" in China. Because of this many companies look to open their first Chinese office in the city and there are certainly many good reasons to do so. So here are five of the best to get you started. Proximity to Hong Kong Hong Kong is only a few miles away and there are multiple easy to access crossing points dotted around the city. The busiest border point is Lohou where tens of thousands of people sally back and forth every day. For expats this means it's both convenient and cheap to get into Hong Kong with a round trip journey on the island's MTR system costing around 100 HKD (around $13 USD), and station hopping between points after crossing the border is good value too (usually no more than 10 HKD). For businesses that means you can access all the benefits of Hong Kong and combine them with all the benefits of China. That includes cheap but well educated labour, and banking facilities that enable easy transfer of funds to other areas of the world. Special Economic Zone Shenzhen was created to deliver an economic boom, it is a "special economic zone" where there are legal and financial incentives for foreign corporations to invest in and develop long lasting businesses. This zone has now been extended to cover additional areas that previously weren't able to compete on an equal basis such as Bao'an and Longgang. There is a push from central government to improve conditions in other provinces but local government is firmly behind the ongoing prosperity of the city and has announced 28 regulations since the start of the year to improve prospects for foreign owned businesses. Events and Networking There are numerous trade shows and other promotional events around China, however Shenzhen is trying very hard to position itself as a premier business destination. The first signs of the city asserting its own image are the upcoming Universiade Games - where 163 countries will compete on an international stage in university athletics tournaments. Experienced High Tech Industry Look at your computer, it's highly likely that your keyboard, mouse and monitor were made in Shenzhen. The city is a pioneer of h    ...

  • Personalized Water Bottles - 4 Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Campaign

    Personalized water bottles make for an inexpensive and simple way to promote your business. Inexpensive because the people who receive them hold on to them for a long time, use them often. Simple because you put your logo and your message on them, give them to people, people read your message. Personalized water bottles are not as popular as some other promotional products, say personalized coffee mugs. On the other hand, they're more suitable for some occasion than those other, more popular items. For instance, if your prospects are gym goers, you might find personalized water bottles a better fit. If you and a gym facility decide to join marketing forces, then there's no doubt that they are a better fit than personalized coffee mugs, for instance. Here are 4 tips on how to use personalized water bottles successfully. (Matching event and personalized product is, by itself, insufficient.) 1. Bottles are promotional tools. That means you must make sure your business name, logo, website, or whatever other information you deem useful needs to be noticeable (bright colors) perhaps) but easy to read (no color clashes, no colors that blend into each other). Easy to read means easy to read from a few feet away. Yes, you hope that the person who gets the water bottle will become a client but that's no reason to not try to get some of the people in whose presence he/she is going to use your water bottle don't become clients, or, at least, curious about your water bottle. Perhaps it's best to think of your promotional water bottles as your billboards. You want them to do what billboards do - just from a few feet closer. 2. Think about how and when you're going to distribute them. Do you give them out at an event, from a booth? What else could you give at the same time? Are the people who give them away knowledgeable enough about your business? Are you giving them away in conjunction with a charity event? How do you do it (what's the message on them, who gives them away (your people of the charity people)? What do they say when they give them away? This and the message must match the charity, the charity event must overshadow your company yet your company must be remembered as having participated in the charity event and for the products or services it sells. 3. You're better off giving away 100 high-quality personalized water bottles then     ...

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