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  • How Promotional Mugs Can Lead to Marketing Success

    When it comes to thinking of ideas for your next marketing campaign, you should seriously consider investing in promotional mugs. They have the potential to deliver better brand exposure than any other promotional product and this is exactly what you need if you want more customers enquiring after your products and services and an a potential rise in sales revenue. There are a huge range of promotional mugs to choose from such as ceramic, china, plastic and travel mugs. The most popular types are ceramic mugs, which are strong, durable and cost effective. They are commonly seen and used in offices and workplaces and even given away as business gifts to corporate clients and partners. If you have ever visited a tourist attraction, there are often ceramic promotional mugs branded with the company's name and sold as souvenirs. Your company too can brand your own range of branded mugs and attract customers at a trade show or promotional event. In most cases, all you need is your corporate logo, slogan and contact details printed onto the promotional mug because after your marketing event, customers will take away the mug with them and may want to contact you. Everytime they use the mug for drinking tea or coffee, your brand will be advertised not only in front of them, but potentially to other people as well e.g. around the office or during the commute to work. The main idea is to get your branded mugs in the hands of people on a frequent or even daily basis so that it brings your company name in their minds. The cost of promotional mugs is inexpensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of other promotional items that may offer similar longevity. Ordering in bulk from a wholesale supplier is recommended as the cost per unit is lower. A small investment can go a long way, as mugs are items which last for years and will act like a miniature billboard, thus will be doing the hard work of advertising and bringing in more business. In the long run, you won't be disappointed with their marketing success. Promotional mugs will remain the leading choice for most companies when they want to market their brand in a fast, effective and easy way. They are extremely functional and frequently used items and whatever your budget, their main purpose will be to expose your brand. Can your other advertising and marketing methods offer the same success and retu    ...

  • How to Save Money With Wholesale

    Every sensible and organised business of any size or industry can benefit from the dependability of reliable wholesale providers. This is perhaps even more the case with companies that deal in the retail and provision of food and drink items including pubs, restaurants and cafes. In order to be successful in this most demanding of areas, a company needs to be able to provide their customers with value, variety and the assurances of quality. With this taken care of, a well managed business can look into the purely financial benefits associated with making use of an established wholesaler. - A large-scale, nation-wide wholesale provider can offer its members terrific money saving deals and offers. As well as weekly promotions available in stores and online, there is a well established 'spend and save' scheme perfect for businesses with a regular purchasing commitment. Businesses can save up to 4% off of their regular bill simply by making use of a large and experienced provider of food and drink items. It simply works to the effect that the more money a customer spends, the more they save. - As well as this, there are tremendous incentives for local businesses to grow their trade with specific promotional support. These local shops and smaller retailers can benefit tremendously from investigating the advantages of using a wholesale provider. Off licences and smaller grocery shops are the kinds of retailers that will be able to witness a vast improvement in their finances with the support and reliability of an effective wholesaler. As well as well known branded products available, an effective wholesaler also provides own-label products, heightening quality budget provisions for traders of all sizes. Promotional clubs and advertorial campaigns supporting local shopping are yet another way that businesses can benefit from an established retail provider. All of this adds up to a great way of taking charge of the financial side of a local business. - A dedicated wholesale company can also be of tremendous financial assistance to a catering supplier or business. Companies both large and small have come to rely on the expert provision of goods and products from a nation-wide connection of stores. With prices kept consistently low, companies can be assured that they are spending their money wisely. Regular promotions and discounts add to this money saving, resultin    ...

  • Water Bottle Filter - A Better Choice For The Environment

    Drinking bottled water has become a massive trend around the world. Sales of bottled water are surging, and many large companies have gotten in on the trade. Consumers are obviously concerned about their health, and many distrust tap water. The tap water vs. bottled water debate rages in many corners, usually comparing safety standards and chemical testing. But one of the biggest drawbacks to drinking bottled water is the waste that all those plastic bottles create. Even though there are recycling programs in many parts of the world, most of that plastic is ending up in landfill. Plastic does not decompose easily, so once in a landfill it stays there for a very long time. Recycling plastic is also not a panacea; recycling uses a huge amount of energy, which ends up putting a lot of extra greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. There is, however, an alternative that not only provides clean, purified water exceeding the standard of tap water, but is portable, and inexpensive to boot. That alternative is a water bottle filter. A water bottle filter is a simple filter cartridge, generally of activated carbon, that is built in the lid or drinking straw of a sports bottle sized dispenser. The filter is capable of cleaning water of chlorine, sediments and pathogens. Not to be confused with ceramic filters which use a pumping action and are designed to filter lake and river water for hikers, a water bottle filter requires nothing more than gravity and a slight squeeze to push the water through the filter and provide clean, pure drinking water. A water bottle filter is just as portable as any water bottle, and also makes an excellent travel buddy. It can be used to filter hotel and restaurant water when you are away from home, to ensure that you are being protected. However, if you are in an area with a really questionable water supply, it is best if you stick with bottled water. If the water contains dangerous pathogens, you don't want to take any chances on becoming sick. Water bottle filters are also inexpensive, and stack up well against the cost of bottled water. Most will be able to filter about 100 litres of water before requiring a replacement. The initial cost of a water bottle filter is usually in the $20 to $40 range, and replacement filters will usually be under $20. So, if you are concerned about your own health, and the health    ...

  • Finding Products That Are Wholesale and Cheap

    You've made the decision to start your own eBay business and now you have to think of a product that will sell in your new store. eBay stores are so easy to create and personalize that you should be able to get it started rather quickly. However, you must keep in mind that most businesses don't take off overnight. It takes a lot of work and dedication before you see any substantial profits. eBay makes it easy to run an online store on the site but it is up to you to find products that are wholesale cheap. When searching for a product, look for a company that can offer products to you on a regular basis at a price that you can afford. Today you have access to thousands of companies who have many different selling plans for those who are starting a business, those who have in business for a while, and those who have been in the business for years. Finding the right company might seem overwhelming at first because there are so many companies out there today offering products that are wholesale cheap. Making a list of potential products that you want to sell will help you narrow your choices down. You may want to go over your list and decide which products you feel comfortable working with. You need to promote products that you would use yourself if you were in the market. When a customer asks you a question about the quality of your products or the many uses you need to be able to talk to them about it and to be able to make suggestions about the product to help the customer understand the importance of purchasing from you. Many suppliers offer cheap wholesale products that are available for with a low minimum order so you can begin making a profit. Products that you can purchase include pet supplies, jewelry, handbags, clothing, electronics, and even prescription medication. Just about every product you can think of can be purchased at wholesale costs to businesses of any size. You'll find some suppliers that offer discounts per unit price if you order in bulk. If you have the capital, this may be a good idea because you'll have enough room to start off with a lower price compared to your competition and offer specials without costing you all of your profits. Some companies will offer to store the wholesale cheap products at their warehouses and ship the product out as they are sold for a small additional fee per product.     ...

  • Four Tips to Care For Any Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Stainless steel water bottles are durable, non-leaching and non-reactive to most drinks. Most are designed to last for years and many are designed to provide a lifetime of service. A few are even rugged enough to be placed in campfires and used for heating soup or beverages. Still, there are some things that can damage even a top quality bottle. Some of these are common knowledge items and some are things that people might never think of. For the record, here are some tips to help make any water bottle last as long as it can. First, get a sleeve for the outside of the bottle. Yes the graphics on the outside of the bottle are beautiful, but normal wear and tear will soon scratch that pretty finish. To make it last, get either a neoprene or insulated cover made from another material like quilted cotton or nylon. There are a couple of added benefits from covers: they act as insulators to help keep beverages hot or cold longer, and second, they often come with a shoulder strap that makes carrying some of the larger bottles much easier. The Second tip is to never try to freeze anything inside the bottle. Many of us are used to putting plastic bottles into the freezer to produce a very cold beverage. Stainless steel water bottles are different and much less forgiving of the freezer. Water or other fluids will expand when frozen and that expansion can be enough to burst a metal bottle. In fact, a double-walled bottle may show no outward signs of bursting, but may have suffered an internal rupture that would allow fluids to enter the space between the walls and thereby render the bottle useless. The Third Tip is exactly the opposite of number two. Never put a metal bottle into the microwave. Again, all of us are used to dealing with plastic bottles and ceramic or glass cups, so this is a precaution that many might not think of, especially if the bottle is surrounded by a insulated jacket that hides the metal. While some stainless steel bottles are rated to handle an open flame, for use on a campfire, none are made for the microwave. The Fourth and last Tip is one for cleaning. Stainless steel bottles can be cleaned using a standard denture tablet, or a bit of baking soda and vinegar. The warning here is to remember to leave the bottle uncapped after placing these types of foaming products inside. The odds are that nothing would happen to the bottle, but    ...

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